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6. Closing, 26 November – 02 December 2012


Week 10

Complete evaluation forms Students and Teachers Survey and post goodbye message to the wiki sites. Official closing of the Learning Circles by the goodbye message of facilitator. Read the Guidelines for posting your Goodbye Message.



Facilitator Laurenske Hofman



Dear participants,


Thank you for working together in this Learning Circle "United Beyond our Diversity". It was great to meet you all and to see all your work in the circle. I hope to see you again in another circle! 


Bye Laurenske



Goodbye Messages LC1 Wolfert Lyceum: 


Bye to you all!

We have had a lot of fun while coming up with questions, doing research and making summaries. Sometimes it didn't feel like learning at all!

We found it difficult that everything had to be in English and sometimes this really was a challenge. But this helped us learn as well.

Whenever you get a chance do visit the Netherlands and do drop by at the Wolfert. We will gladly give you a tour of our country.

Now it is back to the regular homework and school stuff.......





Goodbye Messages LC2 Sutton Public School:


To the Participants of the Global Teenager Project;

     It has been our pleasure to be part of this project.  We were honoured to be included in this worthy endeavour.  Our overall experience was a positive one.  We were very surprised at the variety of responses to the question we posed.  Each respondent answered our question in a different way, which really added to the richness of the information we received.  We were disappointed not to receive an answer from all the participants.  Only having a response from four groups on the due date was a let down.


Ideas Learned During the Global Teenager Project 

     We learned many ideas during the Global Teenager Project.  We learned about different cultures, their traditions, and ways they live.  We learned that unfortunately many people live in poverty, and the resources of the world are not equally shared.  We learned about some of the problems in other countries like access to clean water and proper sanitation, lack of health care and immunization, child slavery and child soldiers.  We learned that everyone should be treated the same, with the same rights, no matter where they happen to be born. 

     We also learned about organizations (non-governmental organizations) that help other countries.  We further learned the importance of each one of us, and the difference that just one person can make. 


Hopes / Goals for the Future Regarding Equity, Diversity, and being United

     We developed many hopes and goals for our future.  We hope that Canada will become even more involved in helping out the needs of other countries.  Several of us developed a goal to travel more to the areas of the world in need with our friends to help as we can.  We have a goal that each one of us will try to help people in need, even in our own country, like standing up against bullying.  We hope that the people of the world will learn to share resources equally.  We have a goal to help children especially that are in need.  We hope that everyone will be treated fairly.

      Many of us became quite passionate in our hope that using children in war will be stopped. We would really like to end wars and have world peace.  The golden rule to treat others as you want to be treated became one of our hopes.  


Thank You

     We would like to thank all of the participants of the Global Teenager Project.  Thank you for including us in the project.  Thank you for enjoying our introductions, and for those who responded to our question. 


Mrs. Iddison’s Grade 7 Class at Sutton Public School

Sutton, Ontario  Canada

Nash, Drake, Owen C., Alli, Joey, Chloe, Bailey, Zak, Owen F., Erin, Jakob, Jared, Marissa, Tegwyn, Kyla, Sarain, Hannah, Ruby, Collin, Andrew, Zach, Chase, Mrs. Iddison




Goodbye Messages LC3 Hajj Bahaa Eddine Hariri School:

Dear all.

It was a great experience working on this project. We enjoyed our time finding answers and doing researches. It will be a pleasure to work on other projects. 





Goodbye Messages LC4 Kaohsiung Jhengsing Junior High School:




We are so glad to join the project. The students have a lot to say~


I get much knowledge in UBOD. I know many other countries’ special culture and taboos. Some of them are the same, but most of them are different. I think this work is difficult for me, but it helps me very much. I am happy to join this project. Good –bye!!


I am very happy to do UBOD with other countries.  When I was answering the questions that other partner gave me. I think that it is a little bit hard because I have many grammar problems in the answer I wrote, and there are many words that I don’t know, so I have to look up words in the dictionary, and I think that it is a little boring. I think that I can write an article better and use the words more correctly. I really enjoy doing UBOD. Thank you!


I have learned a lot from the UBOD, including how to answer difficult questions with correct answers. I also learned a lot of English phrases. I think the project is really difficult to me because it is ALL IN ENGLISH!!! But I really enjoy this project because I can learn something new.


It is time to say good bye. I will never forget the UBOD exchange activity because I have learned many things in this exchange activity. For example, in this exchange activity, I learn how to write summary in English and I am very happy because I let many countries know Taiwan’s cultures through this activity. The other things I learn in the activity are many countries’ taboos. There are a lot of taboos I did not know. In short, I am very glad to do this exchange activity. I wish I can do it again with you. Bye-Bye!


I think the questions in the UBOD are very hard to answer. We discuss and find the answers for a long time; it was a very big problem for me.


I have never been abroad, so I don’t know much about other countries. I learned a lot of things during these days. Because of this project, I know more about other country’s culture.


In this project, I learned so much .I learned how to cooperate with my classmates, how to search for the information, and I learned different cultures from many countries. Until now, I still can’t believe that black cats symbols bad luck in some countries, but It was very interesting.


Answering questions is really hard to me because I don’t understand what the questions are asking. I need to translate the vocabulary that I don’t know, and then guest what it means in the phrase. It really took me a lot of time. I usually do this on weekends, and it will take me 1~2hours.


I think I learn a lot. From deciding the title to making the summary, everything is a new experience. I like the part when we are searching for our title and information.


At the beginning, I don’t know anything about other cultures. I just know where they are, or what their languages are. But through this project, I learn about countries a lot, and I also happy to know these messages.


In the beginning, I am excited that I can exchange to other country’s student, and I’m enjoy with ask or answer a question. I think the most exciting time is when other country answers our question.


I am really happy to be in this UBOD project. From when this project just started to right now, I have learned a lot. Not only about the English, but also a lot about other countries culture. The question we asked is about taboos. I learned that many countries actually have the same taboos. And some of the countries have the same taboos as we do; witch is pretty surprising for me.


This is a very special experience.

Though we have to say goodbye now, we hope to join and work with all again! 

Best wishes. Good-bye!! 

Goodbye Messages LC5 Canisius:


From Canisius we would like to say goodbye to all the participants in this circle. It was very interesting and educational to work in this environment with you about a great dynamic topic. We have learnt a lot and enjoyed reading your work and watching you photos and filmclips. Hopefully we will meet soon in another project in the near future!


If it is possible we would be thrilled if you could establish a Skype meeting with our students. Please let us know.


Best wishes and goodbye!


Class 2tt1 and Maurits Kamman

Tubbergen, November 2012




Goodbye Messages LC6 Moring Star School Ltd.:






Goodbye Messages LC7 Herbert H. Carnegie Public School, Patrice and Natalie:


The Grade 8 students at Herbert H. Carnegie Public School would like to say goodbye to our GTP peers in a way that celebrates our diversity and the strength of our global unity.  To do this, we've decided to write a poem that celebrates our journey:


United Beyond our Diversity:

By:  Herbert H. Carnegie P.S., Grade 8 (Canada)


The first time we heard of the GTP

We wondered aloud, “What could this be?”

If it’s a project, would there be a test?

Would we fit in with all of the rest?


Our teacher explained that WE were the topic

That the teenage voice is not microscopic

That talking with others across land and sea

Would unite us beyond our diversity


But how could we do this from different time zones

While some of us sleep and others aren’t home?

We fretted and wondered just how this would play

Especially with so little time in our day


“We’ll ask them deep questions and get in their heads”

“We’ll see what they think and compare what they’ve said”

“We’ll ask them to listen to and speak from the heart”

“We’ll discover what ties and sets us apart”


Our teacher was hopeful, but we were unsure

She gave us a map and a quick world tour

She pointed out Ghana and Lebanon

Then showed us the Netherlands and Taiwan


She pulled up the web site and showed us our page

Explained that for 9 weeks, this would be our stage

To represent Canada, our culture, our school

To prove that inquiry and research are cool


Our journey has been an enlightening one

We’ve brainstormed, argued, reasoned and done

Much more than we’d ever thought we would

Because this project believed that we could


So now we celebrate all that we’ve learned

A great wealth of knowledge that we have earned

That’s taught us:  Beyond our diversity

Is everyone’s wish- to be valued and free!



Goodbye Messages LC8 Herbert H. Carnegie Public School, Rebecca and Laura:





Goodbye Messages LC9 Nellie McClung P.S., Tracy and Nicole:





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