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3. Questions, 01 October – 14 October 2012


Week 2-3

Each class formulates a question on their Learning Circle theme according to criteria for quality research sponsored question. Read the guidelines for posing questions!





LC 1: Wolfert Lyceum, Question:


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Our questions come packaged in a challenge.

We would like you to go on a quest through your school!

In this quest we would like you to find the answers to the following questions and videotape them in the most appropriate location in, or perhaps even outside, of your school.

The questions we would like to have answered are the following:

  1.  Ask your principal which three rules are the ones that are most being broken by pupils.
  2.  Where do you  eat in school and what type of food is mostly eaten? Do you generally bring your own food or do you it at school? What are typical dishes for your country or region?
  3.  What would you like to change in your school to improve your learning? This can be both material or immaterial.
  4.  In what area is your school situated? Is it urban or rural? Does the location affect your teaching or learning? Is your school typical for your country or an exception?
  5.  Does religion play a role in your school or in the way you spend your free time outside of school?
  6.  Would you ever like to visit the Netherlands?



LC 2: Sutton Public School, Question:

In our country, poverty is a big factor in achieving true equity for all people.  What factor would you rate as the number one issue preventing the achievement of equity in your country?  Justify your answer.

What is your government (local, state or federal) doing about equity issues?

If you were in charge of the government in your country, what is the first thing you would do that would positively affect your future and advance equity? Why?




LC 3: Hajj Bahaa Eddine Hariri School, Question:

Theme Launch: My World and Yours

1- What problems do you have in your surrounding?

2- How you show that you care about your surrounding?

3- Give suggestions help in solving the mentioned problems?




LC 4: Kaohsiung Jhengsing Junior High School, Question:



There are some taboos in our culture. For example, we are not allowed to insert chopsticks vertically into the food. Please see the photo.




We have a tradition of ancestor worship. The food on the photo is sacrificial offerings for ancestors. You can see that incense sticks are placed vertically into the sacrifices. So, if we put chopsticks like that, it implies the food is for dead people. That is a curse on the person who will eat the food. It is very unlucky. Besides, we don’t write names in red. Chinese people like red color, which means good luck and good fortune. In Chinese New Year, we like to wear red clothes, put red couplets on doors, and give red envelops to children. However, red also means blood and accidents. If you write a person’s name in red, it will bring misfortune or deadly accidents to him/her. Maybe it is a superstition, but it shows how we view the death.


1. Do you have any taboos or superstition in your culture? What are they? What do they mean? Please show examples.


2. How do you feel about these taboos or superstition?




LC 5: Canisius, Question:


Culture is defined by many factors such as education, sport, food and religion. They influence each other.

We would like to know what the relations is between culture and the 4 factors mentioned above.


I. So, in what way is the culture in your country influenced by education, sport, food and religion and how does the culture in your country influence education, sport, food and religion?


II. Could you illustrate your answers with examples please?


Thank you!



LC 6: Morning Star School Ltd, Question:


Why do you think as though we have different cultures, we should be united as one?

LC 6


LC7: Herbert H. Carnegie Public School, Patrice and Natalie, Question:


Are our customs and traditions sustainable in a 21st Century world?

(a): Will our customs and traditions survive a 21st Century world?

(b): What customs and traditions define you...your culture?

(c): Trends or traditions? Is our 21st Century world creating more or less of each?



LC8: Herbert H. Carnegie Public School, Rebecca and Laura, Question:

"How has globalization impacted our diversity?"



1. What are the factors which make our culture diverse from others?

2. How is our diversity being threatened?

3. As the world gets smaller through the use of technology and social media, are we giving up some of our culture and adopting other practices?



LC9: Nellie McClung P.S., Tracy and Nicole, Question:


Our LC is interested in learning more about your country's aboriginal people.


1. Who are the aboriginal people in your country?

2. How have they (aboriginal people) influenced you country?

3. How have aboriginals affected today's world?






Comments (3)

Bob Hofman said

at 9:43 am on Oct 14, 2012

Dear all, we will add some extra information today l on the webinar of Tuesday 16th... (so one day earlier than announced 17th)
In that webinar we will look together at all questions posted , Garfiled will help us to tweak the questions if necessary.. wish all a fine Sunday!
Frank, please try to answer your students Question ASAP :-)
Greetings Bob

Bob Hofman said

at 9:24 am on Oct 12, 2012

Thanks for questions so far.....
Late this Friday evening Anita, Eliane, Garfield and Bob will review the questions posted.. and give you feedback :-)

Renske Hofman said

at 9:06 am on Oct 11, 2012

Dear LC participants,

Thank you for the questions that are posted. I woudl like to remind the other participants that in 3 days the questionphase ends. We would realy like to see your questions!

Good luck with your Questions :)


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