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Wolfert Lyceum

Page history last edited by Frans Droog 11 years, 8 months ago



My name is Frans Droog and I am a Teacher in Science (grades 7-9) and  in Biology (grades 9-12). When needed I also sometimes teach Math, Physics and Chemistry. I have worked for about 12 years as a teacher now and before that I was a Researcher in Molecular Biology.

My hobbies include my work, but also my dogs, walking, reading, (watching) sports. I am very interested in using technology in the classroom and am quite active on different social media.


Our school is the Wolfert Lyceum in Bergschenhoek, a small town very close to Rotterdam, famous for being one of the largest ports in the world.

We work in guidance with the principles of Dalton education. This means in our case we learn and teach according to the three principles: independence, freedom in connectedness, coöperation. 













If you have any questions feel free to ask!


The class we will be doing this Learning Circle with is class 2V1, this is grade 8, and besides being the Science Teacher I am also the mentor of this class.


The class will introduce themselves below…. we are at the moment trying hard to put together a nice video to do so……

In the meantime here are our pictures to start off with.


Sherine and Charlotte love to play tennis. Vince is always making jokes. Ryan loves music and chilling with friends. Tamara is a really good athlete! Iris loves palying hockey and acting. We all hate working on school but making fun with our friends is really nice!



Hello, we are four friends.

Julia: Hey, I’m Julia. I like gymnastics and drama and friends.

Tyche: Hello, I am Tyche, I like soccer and my dog

Tessa: Hey, I’m Tessa. I like twirling and cats.

Rosa: Hoi, my name is Rosa. I like laughing with my friends and dogs.

We all live in one village. We are all 13 years old. We are in the second class of the highschool.

Bye, bye, bye, bye.



Hello, I’m Chris. I like to play tennis and playing the games Red Mead Redemption and MW3 on my playstation. When I’m with my friends I like hanging out on street. Goodbye.

Hello! My name is Amarins. I’m 13 years old. I like to do gymnastics and I really love to laugh with my friends. I hate war and maths. Bye!

Hello, my name is Bente. I like to play tennis and hockey. I love do things with my friends! Bye.

Nathan: Waddup my name is Nathan and i’am Thirtheen years old.
My hobbies are : Breakdancing in HipHopHuis, hang out with friends and gaming
I live in Bleiswijk thats near Rotterdam.



Nina: Hey, I’m Nina. I’m the Biggest Gleek of Holland.

Marc: Hey, I’m Marc, I love bananas and I love gaming.

Bart: Hi, I’m bart. My Xbox gamer tag is MGMxHeadshotZz. I play Fifa13 and MW3.

Mirte: Hi, I’m Mirte. I play tennis.



Pien is 13 years old and has one little brother. She likes hockey.

Suzan is 13 years old and has one older brother. She likes tennis.

Karim is 12 years old and has one little sister. She likes handball.

Nino is 13 years old and has one older sister. He likes soccer.

We are in the second class of high school (this is grade 8) and are doing the highest level (VWO).



Raoul: Hi, I’m Raoul. My Xbox gamer tag is Overshotstreak2. I play Fifa13 and MW3. I play soccer and I play tennis.

Marc: Hey, I’m Marc, I love bananas and I love gaming.

Max: ?

Maarten: Hi, I’m Maarten. I have a really cute gfr. I like fruit. And gaming.

Rody: My name is Rody. I’m a ginger (red hair). I like gaming, snowboarding and music. I really like Holland, but there are not any mountains.



Sytse: fishing, soccer, drama. Pijnacker, 3,5 km.

Jeroen: handball, hockey. Pijnacker, 4,5 km.

Ramon: handball, tennis, FIfa12. Pijnacker, 6.5 km.

Jeffrey: reading, gaming. Berkel en Roodenrijs, 1.0 km.

The courses we get in school are: Dutch, English, French, German, History, Geography, Maths, Science, Economy, Gymnastics, Drama, Art and Design.


.......here is the second draft of our very first video ever...... working hard on a possible second one.....









Comments (3)

Eliane Metni said

at 6:21 pm on Oct 1, 2012

Thank you for your introduction and movie! Enjoy the circle!

Bob Hofman said

at 10:07 am on Oct 1, 2012

Hi All, really enjoyed the pictures and video clip.. well done students, you're certainly ready for live TV!
have fun in the Circle and surprise us with a "brain cracking" question from Bergschenhoek :-)

Renske Hofman said

at 12:44 pm on Sep 30, 2012

Hi Frans Droog and Class, thank you for your wonderful intorduction! Nice to meet you all!

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